Opening in Lagos April 2016

Welcome to Novare Central

A proud development by Novare Real Estate Africa

According to the United Nations, Africa is experiencing the world’s fastest rate of urbanisation. With a growth rate of 9% a year, Abuja is one of the cities where this growth is most apparent. According to a study done by Emerging Market Consultants, the “most rapid growth in the middle class population is occurring in sub-Saharan cities such as Abuja where there is considerable pent up demand from brand conscious urban consumers who are looking for quality products and a modern shopping experience.”

Abuja, with an economic growth rate of over 7% a year , is a new city that has been built in terms of a master plan set out in 1979 and according to which the city would be developed in three phases within a series of ring roads.

With the needs of middle and upper income residents in mind, the city has been planned to ensure a mix of residential and other uses in the different precincts. Government and other offices are well dispersed around the city with the intention of reducing travelling times.

Until recently though, retail facilities were concentrated in very small structures located sporadically around the city. With developments like the Novare Apo mall, the residents of Abuja have demonstrated solid demand for larger and more modern retail facilities.

Our newest development, Novare Central, is located in a mature area close to major routes in the city, in particular the existing ring road. Wuse is experiencing a development boom, with an established character as well as well-heeled residents. It’s already home to various government departments such as the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Wuse General Hospital and the Nigerian Customs Services. In addition it hosts international hotels like the Sheraton, and the newly built Abuja High Court.

Novare Central will be a 12,500m² GLA modern retail shopping facility as well as A-grade offices. The retail portion of the development will make up 7,178m² of the GLA and will be housed on the ground floor. The offices will make up the ramaining 5,313m² of the GLA, occupying the first, second and third floors.

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